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Tree of Life Workshop

Learn to look at, understand, and speak about your life in a way that makes you stronger and more appeased. 

The tree of life is a powerful symbol. This workshop enables participants to look back, and clearly visualize their life up to now. Their origins, strengths, resources, past successes and lucky strikes. Everything and everyone that really matter to you. It helps you get clarity about what your true goals are, understanding your past better, uncovering your real needs and desires for a better and more fulfilling life. Find out what you need to make your own tree strive and bloom. 


"Know your Values, know yourself" Workshop

A workshop to help you get clarity about yourself, what you truly value and how to live a more fulfilling and satisfying life. In this workshop you will be guided to look at your core values and learn how you can honor them on a daily basis. This exercise is helpful in relieving stress, anxiety and even depression. It helps boost self-confidence, enhancing your capacity at decision making and knowing how to make the right choices for you. Knowing your values will not only bring you closer to yourself, but it also enriches all your relationships, in your professional and personal life. It makes it easier to communicate with others by helping you become more accepting of yourself as well as others. 

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