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Working together parenting Workshops Team Building Well-Being Workshops

I love creating workshops to help teams and groups who want to learn how to communicate and work better together or acquire learn new personal or professional skills.

I offer a large variety of workshops on stress management, transforming yourself, enhancing communication for better efficiency, creating better rapport between people, and more...

I am also a trained Faber and Mazlish workshop leader and offer parenting workshops to help families create more harmonious relationships.

Contact me for a tailored workshop.

        3 000 JPY~/Participant

'How to Talk so Children will Listen, How to Listen so children will Talk' Faber and Mazlish award winning Workshop              'I was the best Mom in the world until I had Kids' , H Ginott

Next dates Coming up @ Nishimachi International Shool on October 26th

@ Summerhill International School on November 3rd

This award winning workshop goes on for 7 sessions. Each one planned to help parents acquire a specific skill and the last one is a summary on how to put all new skills at work together. Each session is approximately 2,5 hours. 

The goals of the workshop are the following:


  • Engage your child's willing cooperation

  • Deal with your child's negative feelings - frustration, disappointment, anger

  • Express your anger without being hurtful

  • Set firm limits and still maintain goodwill

  • Use alternatives to punishment that promote self-discipline

  • Encourage positive relationships between your children

  • Resolve family conflicts peacefully

If you are interested in attending a Workshop or would like to organize one for your school or community, contact me. 


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